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Tourist Medical Services (TMS) is a private commercial company established by Tasakhtaa Global Hospital to specialise in timely, professional and advanced pre -hospital medical care to International travellers and residents on Zanzibar. TMS has a fleet of ambulances enhanced with state of art emergency equipment and is working together with a team of highly qualified medical personnel and specialists to promptly respond to medical emergencies, road and water accidents, sudden illnesses as well as injuries around the island. TMS also acts surety to bridge between healthcare service providers and international insurance companies, with the sole aim of omitting prolonged delays that often arise with the infuriating process of activating foreign insurance covers, in the case of medical emergency on Zanzibar.

TMS Vision and Mission

  Our Vision is to set the highest standards in health and patient care while aiming to become the leading provider of medical emergency services throughout the region.

  Our Mission is to provide affordable, exceptional pre-hospital care and medical transportation services while ensuring an environment that empowers our employees to deliver the best possible care to our patients.